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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important to increase your website’s visibility. Through SEO, search engines will find and rank your website among other sites whenever users search within an online search engine. SEO continuously to become more and more popular among business companies as it is very helpful for them to establish their company’s name. Through SEO, your company information would be placed to different local directories and would be listed on various search engines. This will help increase traffics to your website and generate more sales. SEO will also improve user’s experience and your website’s performance in organic search results.

internet marketingHere at chronistsempelis.com, we will provide you useful SEO & internet marketing techniques for you to be guided to the right direction. We have been thoroughly creating different marketing formulas to offer you the most effective search engine optimization. We will definitely make your site achieve first page Google rankings for some of the most competitive keywords on the internet. We guarantee you that our techniques and strategies are all proven and tested for an efficient build up of your company’s brand.

If you are looking for an SEO consultant, the chronistsempelis.com provides you a free consultation for all your online marketing needs. All your initial phone call consultations are free of charge. We provide you a free 30 minute consulting with our consultation specialist to assist all your questions and inquiries.

To help you to fully take advantage of search engine optimization, we have compiled list of effective SEO tips that would be helpful especially to new marketers.

1. Create an effective content

Through having useful and compelling content, users would be attracted to visit your site. It would help to build up your site’s reputation in providing efficient information to your customers. Even if SEO will help your site go to the first page of search engines, people would not visit your site if it does not have quality content.

2. Keep track about the trends

In order for you to attract customers to your site, your content should be relevant to the latest topics. Create compelling contents out of the trendy topics in different social media networks.

3. Keep it simple!

Creating simple contents will keep your customers interested to your site. Some people may not understand terms regarding your industry and so contents that could be understand by all is vital to catch your audience’s attentions.

4. Plan your target keywords

Before starting up with SEO, think of an effective long-term organic keyword optimization strategy. Choose keywords with the most return and with the least competition. This would be helpful to generate greater prospects to your site.

5. Make your website mobile-friendly

Mobile friendly websites are becoming popular nowadays due to the rapid introduction of smart phones in the market. People often use their mobiles for a more convenient searching of different websites. If you’re site is not mobile compatible, you’re losing a lot for creating none.

6. Develop a marketing strategy and stick to it!

marketing strategyCreating a marketing strategy would be helpful for you to specify your target demographic, content’s objective, number of blog postings, amount of social media postings per day, and solutions you need to do if content is not working. You should create a flexible marketing technique that can adapt with the constant changes in the market. By having a marketing plan that works, you can set the goals you have in mind to make your business become a success.

7. Manage time effectively

In any business, it is important to know your priorities. By knowing things that you must do first, you can manage your time effectively. You should also know how to balance these things and its impacts to your audience.

8. Promote your own website to social networking channels

Millions of people are fond of using different social media networks. Promoting your website to these social networks will allow people to know more about your site and attract them to visit it.

9. Analytics are your friends

Knowing your errors does not mean that you fail. It would rather help you to know the best things to do to further improve your site. Analytics would help you to get your act together and aim for your goals.

10. Use infographics to your website

Infographics provide your site graphical presentation and text based interface. This helps in enticing your customers to visit your website and draw them to your content. It is vital in generating traffics to your site and increasing your sales.

With chronistsempelis.com, we want you to be informed about ethical and correct SEO techniques and strategies. We are very attentive to all our customer needs and so we assure you that will not be ignored here. At chronistsempelis.com, all your marketing needs will be assisted to help your website be on the top page of every search engine and make your business a successful one.

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Real Estate Hunting 101

Reading up on LI real estate means two things: you are seriously looking for a property or you are preparing to buy a property.

The real estate market can be overwhelming, especially for first-time buyers. There are a various things to consider when hunting for the right place—be it for business or for personal use. The good news is, in the wake of the recession, the LI real estate market is on an upswing as low interest rates are being offered. For those on the lookout, low interest rates could mean flexible or even longer payment terms.

Buying vs. Renting

Having lower interest rates brings one closer to realize their dream of owning a home and living independently. This begs the question, “should one buy or rent instead?”Like in any situation, there are advantages and disadvantages when buying or renting. Before finalizing details and making a mistake, thoroughly review factors such as budget, level of commitment, location and space.

First, identify the working budget. From your monthly salary and other revenue streams, deduct the daily and monthly food, transportation, credit card and other miscellaneous expenses. Whatever is left will serve as a good indicator of how much can be spent for rent or how long it will take to save for a down payment on a house.Keep this budget in mind. In more competitive markets, buying a house through bidding actually brings up the cost unexpectedly, so caution is advised.

Real EstateBuying a place is a long term commitment and is reserved for serious buyers because of the mortgage, property taxes and maintenance costs. At minimum, potential owners should have no immediate plans to move around in the next five to seven years since deposits or down payments may not be returned.

The long term commitment may scare some people off. But the most obvious advantage of buying or owning a home is the potential increase of the property’s value in the long run. If a property bought at $250,000 in year 2010 is now worth $300,000, that gives the owner a profit of $50,000 in just 5 years. The property itself can be used as collateral in dire situations since it is an asset. For best profitable  property investments visit li-realestatefinder .

The usual perception is that purchasing a house is more expensive. However, given shifts in the market, there are some areas now where buying is cheaper and renting is more expensive or vice versa. In Long Island alone, the cost of buying over renting actually increased from 34% in 2012 to 36% in 2013. This makes sense since there is improvement in the real estate industry.

The upside to buying can also be its downside. Selling a house may take time, and this could be risky if the money will be needed immediately.On the other hand, renting is a short-term commitment and could be an option. Renting frees the tenant from paying for maintenance costs and real estate. Should a leak or repair arise, the tenant simply informs the owner and he takes care of the concern.Unlike settling for a minimum of 5 years, rent contracts can be as short as 6 months to a year. It will be easy to relocate to another city should new opportunities come up. The disadvantage is that the individual does not own any asset.

Live large, live small

Once the ‘to buy or to rent’ options have been weighed, the kind of space should be determined. Will this be a condominium or a single detached house? Will it be in the city or suburbs? These boil down to priorities as well as preference.

For instance, condominiums offer a more compact lifestyle where it is easy to lock up and leave. They are often located in urban areas and are within walking distances to commercial centers. Most offer shared amenities such as swimming pools, parks, gyms, basketball courts and place security personnel on their ground floor or main entrances. In some cases, these developments even have housekeeping services.

Since the living space is often smaller, it is simple to clean and maintain. On an added note, if you are thinking of getting a pet or buying one in the near future, it is best to check if the developer allows pets in the building.If the matter of space or even height is an issue, then consider getting a house. Most houses have provisions for a garage, garden or backyard and are located in suburban areas, which are ideal for bigger families. Living in a house gives the resident a little more flexibility in terms of furniture and space, more so if it has two or more floors. The type of architecture can be chosen too.

There are a lot more options and considerations needed when buying, renting or even selling a property. Given our expertise, our daily mission is to pair buyers or lessees with as many of our listed properties as possible and help them choose the perfect one. Should there be more clarifications needed, we welcome you to leave your details and our licensed brokers and agents will be sure to reach you.

Why you need a PCB assembly service

A printed circuit board or PCB first appears as a bare circuit board without electronic components assembled on it. When electronic components such as resistors, capacitors and semiconductors are soldered on the board with the required physical and electrical connections, the process is called PCB assembly. The process has to be done in the most painstaking manner possible and with utmost precision to guarantee proper functioning. For this reason, outsourcing PCB assembly to a professional and reputable electronic manufacturing service (EMS) is a must. The EMS of choice shall provide industry-leading services that include design and layout of the PCB, procurement of components and materials, populating the PCB with its components, and finishing and testing the electronic product.To know more information about the printed circuit board visit pcbnet.com.

Pcb-FabricationPCB assembly can be preformed through various processes that are either leaded or lead-free. Traditionally, electronic components are soldered on circuit boards using lead solder. But because of concerns raised with regards to health hazards associated with leaded electronic products not only to assembly personnel but to consumers as well, the industry is now moving towards lead-free assembly processes. Such health-related concerns necessitate PCB assembly service from an ISO-certified EMS.

As the industry is now moving towards lead-free environment, the demand on the performance of lead-free electronic products has increased dramatically. Some of the contemporary challenges of PCB manufacturing include: the need for smaller electronic and physical components; the increasing PCB design density; the increasing demand for lead-free materials; and the increasing demand for durability and reliability of the finished product. These issues cannot be addressed on one’s own might, and therefore require the services of an EMS’s professional team that operate state-of-the-art equipment in well-organized facilities.

The above-mentioned challenges can be easily addressed only if the chosen partner company for the PCB assembly has an untarnished reputation for expertise and experience. To help you decide on which company is right for your needs, consider these three things below.

Check the quality certifications

Checking the quality certifications of an EMS company is probably the first thing you should bear in mind. Quality certifications are awarded by third-party nonprofit organizations and made to protect clients like you. The preferred EMS company should be certified by ISO, i.e. with ISO certifications such as ISO-9002 and ISO-14000, and should have RoHS compliance. Other certifications may include the UL94V-0 and the QS-9000, depending on the serving industry. Such certifications are a reflection of the company’s commitment to international industrial standards.

Check the types of services being offered

An EMS company has a number of services to offer, ranging from engineering prototypes to manufacturing bulk electronic products. The preferred EMS company should have the services you need. For instance, if you need an SMT (surface mount technology) assembly or through-hole assembly, make sure that they offer it. If you want to save a lot of time, then do not discount this entirely obvious aspect. So go and check out the EMS company’s website for the services they offer and whether they offer these services to both offshore and onshore clients.

Check the delivery of output

An EMS company, whether big or small, should give delivery of output its utmost attention. The preferred EMS company should have the capacity to address present challenges and provide solutions at a pre-determined cost. In addition to that, timely delivery is another important factor. The EMS company should have an understanding that production is always on a very tight schedule. This means that they must be able to give you a detailed production schedule as well as progress reports.

Hopefully, the above tips will save you from frustration that comes with the wrong choice of EMS company. Nonetheless, explore all the possibilities as there are still other things that you may have to consider as well.

Evolution and Current Trends in Golf Drivers

There’s no denying that the golfing equipment industry has evolved into a million-dollar business. There is a great variety of equipment and accessories for golf, serving every possible purpose. Some are ideally used when training, going around the course,for displaying golf memorabilia,or during an actual game.Even if opinions vary, most people will agree that golf clubs are the most important equipment in any golf game.

Out of all the golf clubs, golf drivers, also called the 1-wood, is considered by many as most important. They are used to drive the ball to the longest possible distance. A golfer’s goal, when faced with the challenge of hitting the ball at a long distance, is to use his or her driver to hit the ball long and straight. Drivers are specialized to make long-distance tee shots, usually up to 300 yards. Professionals, of course, can hit longer distances.

These days, drivers are adjustable and can be tailor-fit according to the user’s specifications. Such equipment can be adjusted for the sake of improving the center of gravity, angle, and loft. Most drivers are made from ultra-lightweight but durable materials. Their heads were traditionally made of hardwood, but nowadays they are made of materials such as titanium or composites.

Customization is very important for brands these days. Competitiveness is based on drive distance and accuracy. This is what players are looking for. These days, golf drivers can be customized to provide performance that perfectly matches the players’ swings. Manufacturers consider the following for customization: the shaft flex, the loft angle, and the offset (these tell what angle the clubface will have in relation to the ball during impact); the clubhead mass and the center of mass are also taken into account.

The shaft flex is the factor that determines how energy is released and stored during the swing. The shaft is customized to maximize distance, direction and accuracy. A poor shaft would lead to reduced distance and inconsistent shots.The flex is the measure of the shaft’s ability to bend during the swing. These customizations are categorized into player’s swings.

Players with average strength use a regular flex shaft; there is also a special flex shaft for ladies. Other categories are stiff, extra stiff, senior, lite, and ultralite. Those who have lower swing speeds use stiff or extra stiff shafts. The lesser the bend in the shaft, the more control a powerful swing will have. Beginners and players with less powerful swings will benefit from a shaft with greater flexibility or bend. Shafts are usually made from composite materials (such as graphite) that are lighter and more flexible.

Golf driversShaft torque is the twisting movement of the shaft during a player’s swing. It is measured in degrees. A higher torque rating has more shaft twists, while a lower torque rating will have fewer twists. Flex and torque are related because the more a club can flex, the more it can twist.The loft angle determines the launch angle and backspin. Most golf drivers have adjustable lofts. There is also a high launch loft, and several clubs with very specific loft angles.

Golf drivers have heads or clubfaces that are usually made out of titanium. There is still zinc and aluminum alloys available in the market today, and these are less expensive. Titanium heads are lightweight despite having excellent strength.

Golf drivers are now becoming more personalized than ever, and some of the best ones are adjustable to any golfer’s specifications. They could change the center of gravity, face angles and lofts. They also have lighter weight and sleeker aerodynamics.Some of the best drivers are the following:

First is the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815. This is infinitely adjustable. A player can move weights, adjust the loft up to eight settings, and flip a central way to optimize the spin and curvature. The second one is the Cobra Fly-Z, which has a large face and an intuitive eight-way adjustable hosel. The club is lighter and the weight is re-directed, adding forgiveness for off-center shots. The Nike Vapor Flex, part of the top 10, has a stabilizing sole cavity and a 15-loft and face-angle settings.The low-spinning head of this model minimizes big hooks and slices.

The Ping G30, on the other hand, has a highly stable head and a large face. This helps players who have off-center hits. The balls are launched with speed and distance similar to center strikes. In terms of accuracy and forgiveness, the Ping G30 is at the head of the class. TaylorMade started the adjustable driver trend, and one of their models, the TaylorMade R15, made it to the Top 10. This model has a 12.5-setting hosel as well as two sliding weights in the sole. This helps players tweak the ball flight as it increases the launch angle while limiting the spin.

The Titleist 915D, however, has a 16-way adjustable hosel. This model also breaks new ground by putting a channel in the sole, which helps the flex at impact and helps shots launch with less spin. The Wilson Staff D200 emphasizes both ultralight weight and driver adjustability. The loft can be adjusted six ways and the head has variable thickness for off-center hits. The Bridgestone J715 has a crown thinner than those of most drivers, and is designed with an accordion-like effect. They believe that this produces more ball speed off the face and grants a higher launch angle.

Given the complexities and varieties of drivers, one thing becomes clear – even necessities have the potential to evolve.

Author Bio:
Discount golf drivers at Rock Bottom Golf include top of the line new golf driver brands from Wilson, Callaway, Tommy Armour, Penn, Adams, Macgregor, and Mizuno.

Portable storage container for Commercial and Residential Use

If you are in need of a convenient and versatile storage device, a portable storage container might be just what you are looking for. These versatile containers can be easily customized to suit either commercial or residential purposes. Likewise, they can be designed to flawlessly complement any situation.

The wide range of sizes will enable you to achieve the maximum storage for your specific budget. For every single transaction, you are assured of getting only the highest quality storage units. Therefore, in the end you will find that the portable storage container is truly the most cost effective solution for your needs.

portable Storage containerIf required for residential purposes, you would be better off with a metal storage unit rather than a wooden or plastic container. The sturdy steel construction of portable storage containers will ensure the protection of your home furnishings in the midst of a home renovation.

For added convenience, all serviceable areas will also be afforded door-to-door delivery and on-site, loading assistance. Likewise, you will be assured safe transport over any type of terrain. The weatherproofing added to the units will keep your valuables safe from the negative effects of extreme heat, dirt, wind and water. After all, your portable storage container supplier puts immense value on the protection of your assets.

You also have the option of keeping the portable storage container on your own property to give you easy access to your belongings. However, if you do not have enough space, you can simply ask the delivery truck to transport the container back to the site for safe storage. Afterwards, you merely have to contact the supplier when you need your items returned.

Aside from storing household items, portable storage containers are also durable enough to hold construction tools and heavy equipment. Long-term exposure to outside elements could cause tools to weaken, break, or rust. Thankfully, a portable storage container can be easily customized to temporarily store these important tools on the work site.

If specific measurements or add-ons are needed, the company will be more than happy to provide for these requirements. They will also ensure that you will be able to get the best product without going over your budget. After all, they know that good service will result in your continued patronage of their containers and services.

Longtime construction work such as residential remodeling, land development, etc. often needs that workers stay within the construction area until the job is done. Therefore, they will need a convenient place to stay even for just a few months. Thankfully, portable storage containers can also be used as temporary shelters as the workers toil on the construction site.

The containers range from 20ft to 45ft and can comfortably fit a small group of workers. Contractors, architects, and engineers can also use the portable storage containers as their makeshift conference area.

Finally, a portable storage container can be used to store the surplus goods of both small and large office spaces. The containers can serve as temporary storage devices for any off-season items as well. The items stored inside will be protected from dust and dirt while they wait for the time when they can once again be put on display.

You need not worry if your property can only accommodate a small size container since there are a large variety of sizes, length, and widths available. You also have the option of choosing the best doors or access points for your needs.

When compared to the costs of warehouse rental, storage containers unquestionably come out as the more affordable alternative. Particularly if the storage location will only be used for a short period, business owners will be get more bang for their buck by either buying or renting a customized storage container.

History of Custom Military Coins

Custom military coins are popular nowadays. These coins are used as tokens and as souvenir items. These are also used to honour people who have rendered military service.

The history of custom military coins goes way back! The tradition of handing out coins to reward people who have rendered exemplary military service started ages ago.

According to various historians, military coins were first used to reward soldiers in Ancient Rome. A typical soldier in the Roman Empire would get coins for a day’s work. But, those who are doing well in their job will get a special minted military coin as a reward. According to some historians, the legions of these soldiers are minted on the coins. This is the reason why these soldiers would like to hold on to their coins rather that spend them on women or wine.

Today, soldiers exchange military coins like autographs or business cards. These soldiers can also use these coins as a form of ID. During World War I, a wealthy military officer distributed to his troops challenge coins that featured the squadron insignia. Days after, one of the flying aces in his squadron was captured by the Germans. The Germans took everything this young soldier had except for the small pouch around his neck which contained the medallion.

custommilitarycoinsLater on, the young soldier escaped to France. But, the French thought he was a spy. So, they decided to execute him. To prove his identity and his innocence, the young soldier presented his military coin and the French recognized the insignia engraved on the coin. So, they delayed the execution and confirmed his identity. He was then sent back to his unit safe and sound.

Colonel Buffalo Bill Quinn, the 17th Infantry Regiment, distributed military coins to his men during the Korean War. These are among the earliest military coins and today, they have become a collector’s item.

Many stories also indicate that military coins were used by soldiers who were stationed in the Philippines during World War II. But, after the war, these military coins were used by soldiers to challenge other military officers. An officer would slam his military coin and shout “challenge” to his fellow soldier. If a soldier does not have a military coin, he has to pay for the drinks of the challenger or other members of the squadron. But, if everyone has a challenge coin, the challenger will have to pay for his mates’ drinks.

Some challenge coins are passed through a secret handshake. In 2011, US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates visited military bases in Afghanistan. Then, when he shook the hands of the men and women who served in the Armed Forces, he slipped special custom military coins as a reward for unparalleled service and sacrifice.

Not all challenge coins are passed on through a secret handshake. But, during the Second Boer War that was fought between the South American and British colonists, many deserving soldiers were not rewarded because of their mercenary status. So, the officers would slip these military coins during handshakes.

The popularity of challenge coins grew during the Vietnam War. The 10th and 11th Special Forces Group of the United States carried their specially minted coins with pride.

As it seems, every president after Bill Clinton gives away special military coins to the most deserving of individuals. These coins are also used as collector’s items and they are also used by various civic and private charitable organizations. They are even used in various universities.

The use of custom military coins has evolved. Still, no matter how much things change, it’s certain that these coins are already part of history!

What’s What: Common Questions surrounding Misting Fans?

With the suffocating heat, a number of people are finding ways to cool down and get some heat relief. Fortunately, a number of solutions have also been made to address the issue, and one of the more effective answers is the use of a misting fan. Misting fans are a great help now that the sun is out and blazing strongly. To understand more about the misting fan, here are the top three questions, misconceptions, and corrections about how this device works.misting fan

Will I get wet when I use a misting fan?

This actually is the most popular question raised by people who are considering buying a misting fan. To be clear, misting fans, when made properly and correctly, do not cool the area by getting it wet, though that kind of idea could actually work. It only produces a thin mist that would evaporate immediately upon contact with the air so there is little to no possibility of getting wet with the misting fan. However, some misting fans have very low pressure, ranging from 500psi to less than 1000psi. This too low pressure misting system is actually prone to spraying droplets. Moreover, if the area temperature is too low or is not as humid, the mist might not evaporate as quickly before reaching the ground.

Do misting fans require a lot of maintenance?

The great thing about the misting fan is that it does not require constant repairs, besides the occasional cleaning of the nozzle heads where the droplets would pass. A basic rule of thumb for misting fan maintenance is the oil changes should be done for the first 50 hours of use and then there is the periodic change every five hundred hours after the first change. Filter changes should also be done at least once every year, despite its current water conditions, just to ensure that the water being transformed to mist would be clean and fresh.

What is the main difference between high from low pressure misting fans?

As said before, low pressure misting systems are quite prone to spraying droplets. Its pressure range runs from 500psi to 1000 psi. It is the least expensive class of misting fan but it is also the most inefficient. Despite the fall back of using low pressure misting system, this type of fan is great for residential outdoor uses, such as in gardens, patios, and besides swimming pools. Low pressure misting systems also work well in extremely high temperature areas as the evaporation rate there is exceptionally fast.

mist fanOn the other hand, the high pressure misting system is capable of reducing temperature by as low as 30 degrees. It operates with a misting system pressure of at least 1000 psi, ensuring that the water is forced through the nozzle at high velocity. This range of pressure results in the thin mist that truly evaporates quickly. With this, a high pressure misting fan could work as efficiently in areas which are not as humid by adding moisture in the dry air without causing a spraying effect. The downsides of the high pressure system are that it requires relatively more maintenance and is also significantly more costly than the low pressure misting fan. Despite these downsides, it would still be better to purchase a high pressure misting fan as it also sturdier and lasts longer. In fact, a highly recommended method of cooling down and controlling the summer heat is to add moisture to the dry air in open outdoor spaces using the high pressure misting fan.

There are still a lot more of questions and other misconceptions about the misting fan but despite all these, one thing that could be said for the misting fan is that it is truly effective in its desired outcome. It is great in lowering the temperature and offering fresher air.

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